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released May 22, 2014



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INSTEAD OF SLEEPING Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Indie Rock

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Track Name: Volatile
I am the match
You’re the gasoline
I could sweep you off your feet
Or leave you begging on your knees
My body’s burning up
But I haven’t had enough
Of this drink to calm my nerves
Enough to say what you deserve
Can’t even say your name
(Or) I might burst into flames
Cause I am the match
And you’re the gasoline

I know it’s not worthwhile
I crave the volatile

I am the match
You’re the gasoline
So easy to ignite
Combustion every night
I hate to say it’s true
I’m on a crash course with you
Track Name: Insatiable
You’re out for blood I guarantee
I see you lick your lips; you’re hungry
About to sink your teeth in me
No pleasantries
Only here to lead me on
Can’t help yourself
One of many you call upon

You are insatiable, I know
I am replaceable , you know
You keep coming back for more
I keep opening my door
You are insatiable, I know

You were born with a want for more
So come on in, you’re hungry
Come and get what you came here for

It feels so good
When you got what you came for
It feels so good
When you got what you came for
Track Name: Merlot
Keep tight but don’t lose your footing
Stage fright when only I’m looking

Two glasses one with red lipstick
Late night but you know it’s worth it
Two eyes drawing a line
Four feet moving in time

Two fingers crawling up your back
Eyes close the room goes pitch black

You can feel it coming down
From your headphones to your hipbones
Track Name: The Ones
Come with us and see the night
See it just like we do
We know all the greatest spots
All the ones to show you
We hope you know what
You got yourself into
The risk rarely ever hides
In the things that we do

You look good
So damn good
With a shade of us on you

We are the ones
Always hopping fences
Sneak in softly slowly
We always make an entrance
Being told we are fools
We are the ones
Without the consequences

Come with us and see the lights
See the lights like we do
You know you’ve bitten off
Much more than you can chew
Track Name: Speak Into Me
Get to know me more than you should
Sitting still never felt so good
There isn’t any time to talk
Get to work you’re on my clock

Speak into me
Keepin’ time with the ups and downs
Speak into me
Keep it slow don’t make a sound
I love to watch you concentrate
Eyes locked while you communicate

Moving like you got nothing to hide
It’s your dance I’m just here for the ride
The floor is empty the spotlight’s on you
It’s obvious you know what to do
Track Name: Tired Tigers
Tiger’s in a cage you can tell he’s sleeping
But when he sleeps he dreams, only dreams of eating
He knows that he doesn’t have to hunt for food anymore
But still he dreams of biting the hand that feeds even more

Muscles tense
At the thought of using his claws
Born to hunt Since he could walk on his paws
Likes to feel like he’s dangerous
Like he still can be spontaneous

Tiger’s in a cage you might think he’s sleeping
But it’s hard to sleep when he gets this feeling
He knows that it wouldn’t take much to scale these walls
The thought alone’s enough to make him lick his jaws

Here he has all that he could want
But he still can’t help that he misses the hun
Track Name: South Side Girls
Twenty-two and she says that she’s getting old
Mini-skirt in October legs so cold
Friday night last call she stands outside
Got a light say goodnight look her in the eye
She knows she’s not going home

A night with her is never boring
I let her slip out in the morning
Because I know I’ll see her around
Because I know This is her side of town

She’s got a diamond she wears it in her nose
Always wears her hair up so her tattoo shows
She could drive but she’ll probably take a cab
Got the cash cause some sucker just picked up her tab
She knows she’s not going home

She knows
(That) She glows
Track Name: Ammo
Your glass is half full and your ashtray’s empty
But not for long the conversation’s growing heavy
I remember storming out your side door hoping that you’re okay
And now you’re crying in my bathroom wishing that you hadn’t stayed

I’m always wishing that we hadn’t met just for your sake
But I’m such a selfish bastard, I’ll call you anyways
And even though you know I’m poison you’re still gonna pick up
And now I’m writing stupid sad songs, aiming at your soft spots

But this song is no longer an apology
Half-written and unfinished when you lashed out on me
You crossed a line I never though you would
And goddamn I hope that it felt good
But you used up all your ammo
But you used up all your ammo
But you used up all your ammo